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Owner,  Jessica Krizan

Thank you for visiting The Cloud Lady, where you will find the very best handmade Cloud Lights and Moon Lights, with the most options, sizes and variations available. There's something for every budget!  Proudly made in Gilbert, Arizona, USA!

Each Cloud Light is made with multiple layers of hypoallergenic material, and reinforced with an adhesive spray, to help protect them and make them last.  None of these Cloud Lights are dependent on a ceiling power source for electricity, and they do not require electrical "installation". They are either battery operated, or come with an electric socket cord that is plugged into an outlet. Each listing specifies the power supply. All Moon Lights are waterproof and very durable, and the paint is sealed with a protective layer of sealing latex spray. 

Please let me know if you have any questions!  I also take custom orders, and I am happy to ship items internationally, so please send me a message if you're looking for a special custom order, or if you're located outside the USA!

Cloud Lights are Hypoallergenic

High Efficiency

LED Lights

Moon Lights are Waterproof

Handmade and Hand Painted with Love

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